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Ranking Our Favorite Types of Pancakes from Very Delicious to Most Delicious!

This is a photo of a stack of pancakes topped with blueberries.

It’s been a while since we last talked about pancakes, and that ends today! 

Pancakes (warning: this is a very controversial statement we’re about to make but the truth must be written and posted) are delicious. There’s just something so comforting and downright right about a pillowy soft, biscuity sweet, perfectly warm stack of pancakes that makes a bad day into a better day and a good day into a glorious day.

This pancakes appreciation post (one of many more to come, we promise!) seeks to do the impossible by ranking our favorite types of pancakes from very delicious to most delicious.

Very Delicious: Buttermilk Pancakes

Picture in your mind’s eye the most quintessential, platonic ideal of pancakes. You know the ones: it’s a stack of buttermilk pancakes with a thick pat of melting butter and rivers of maple syrup pooling over the sides and onto the plate. These are the pancakes from every breakfast product commercial, the pancakes that have languished so cruelly ignored on the breakfast table of every family sitcom, perhaps even the pancakes… of your dreams?

Tip: Make buttermilk pancakes—without buttermilk! Simply put 1 tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice into a measuring cup, then fill it up to the 1-cup line with dairy milk. Give it a quick stir and use immediately. Try this in recipes to get all the buttermilk flavor, without a trip to the store for one ingredient.

Nostalgically Delicious: Blueberry Pancakes

While we’re on the subject of the buttermilk pancakes that haunt our CRT TV dreams, those buttermilk pancakes had blueberries in them a lot of the time. Blueberry pancakes are also the type of pancakes that officially and traditionally always meant there was something special about that breakfast—even if the special thing about it was everyone sitting down together for breakfast. Make ours with maple syrup and a side of bacon, please!

Simply Delicious: Made-from-Scratch Pancakes

If you’re used to making pancakes from a mix—or from a box in the freezer straight into the toaster, no judgment from us!—we’d like to recommend you try taking your pancake game up a notch by making your own at home from scratch.

This might sound intimidating, especially if you’ve never made anything from scratch before, but pancakes are the perfect recipe to learn with! If you can make pancakes from a mix, making them from scratch is the same thing, except you measure the ingredients out first. This means you know exactly what’s in the food you’re eating, you can customize it to your tastes, and you can experiment endlessly until you find your favorite!

(We’re not including a recipe because we can guarantee the best pancake recipe in existence is the one your mom or dad used, and you should try that one if you haven’t yet.)

All of the pancakes we serve at Kate’s Kitchen are made from scratch in our kitchen. And when we say “plain” pancakes, we just mean how they’re served—there is nothing plain about our scratch-made pancakes!

Decadently Delicious: Ricotta Pancakes

More indulgent than your usual pancakes, more elegant than buttermilk pancakes, ricotta pancakes are known for being extra fluffy with a texture similar to custard thanks to the creamy ricotta.

Berries are a natural—and recommended—addition to ricotta pancakes, either blended into the batter or gently folded in whole before cooking. Adding some lemon or lime juice will brighten up this very rich breakfast treat—or make it even more decadent by adding dark cocoa powder.

Tip: If you don’t have ricotta, or you’re looking for a similar flavor with a different texture, try mixing in cottage cheese instead! You’ll have fluffy pancakes with little heated pockets of lightly sweet deliciousness throughout.

Iconically Delicious: Japanese Jiggly Pancakes

These pancakes are more cake than pancake: typically around three inches across and one or two inches tall… each. Japanese jiggly pancakes are something you have to see to believe.

Most often served up in stacks of three or four, or as a single pancake plated as an elaborately minimal morning indulgence, they look like they were created to be posted on socials. Fair warning though: their ideal aesthetic won’t last forever because nothing does, so get your content sorted and dig in fast—before they deflate!

Fruit-a-licious-ly Delicious: Pancakes Topped with Fruit

One of the easiest ways to add more nutrition to your breakfast is by adding a serving or two of fresh fruit. The reason this is the easiest way is because fruit is so delicious that you won’t even realize you’re adding more nutrition to it, so it’s perfect for adding more nutrition to your kid’s breakfast too—or any other family members who are all about flavor!

You can optimize your nutrition additions by seeking out fruits with certain nutrients you want more of, or you can just add what tastes good and know that all fruit contains vitamins and minerals and some amount of fiber, so you really can’t go wrong.

Get the original Fruit-a-licious Pancakes at Kate’s Kitchen with your choice of toppings: banana, craisin, and granola, blueberry, or cinnamon, apples, and pecan!

Delicious (But Is It Really Pancakes?): Potato Pancakes

If your favorite breakfast food is hash browns, you can still join in on the pancake party by taking the best of both dishes and combining them to become their final form: potato pancakes!

Traditionally served with applesauce and sour cream or sour cream and chives, we recommend serving them on the side with a bowl of chili. Did we just say pancakes for dinner? Yes, please!

Most Delicious: Oh No, We Can’t Choose!

We must confess that we lied to you. We began this with a promise to rank our favorite pancakes from very delicious to most delicious, but that can’t be done because we’re not the cosmic authority on what makes the most delicious pancakes. 

That’s a personal decision, and it’s your decision to make. Your favorite pancakes are the most delicious pancakes: always have been, always will be.

Come to Kate’s Kitchen for Simply Delicious and Fruit-a-licious-ly Delicious Pancakes!

If you want to eat delicious pancakes without having to go to the trouble of making delicious pancakes, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Come on down to Kate’s Kitchen and get pancakes—or any of your other breakfast favorites.

Take a look at our breakfast menu!

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