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Who Is Kate?

Kate is my beautiful little girl, who has inspired me since the day she was born. At home in her kitchen, she might whip up pancakes from play dough, or she might make hot chocolate in an empty cup. However it’s made, the service is always as great as the food. On the days Kate comes up to Kate’s Kitchen, she makes a great hostess. She will give you the red carpet treatment on the way to your table.

Kate’s loving and generous spirit is what inspires not only me, her father, but the entire Kate’s Kitchen family to provide you with delicious food and friendly service each and every time you visit us here in the Northland. Kate, along with my son Ronnie and my wife Kelly, makes the lives of those around her such a blessing, and when you meet her I am sure you will also feel the same.

Whether you stop by for weekly brunch or simply a cup of coffee on your way to work, you can count on the friendly faces at Kate’s Kitchen to make your meal from scratch every time. Our hope is that every time you join us for breakfast or lunch, you leave with a full heart and a smile on your face.

Who Is Ronnie?

Ronnie is rough and tumble and larger than life. He’s all boy: he loves baseball, the Kansas City Royals, and rough-housing with his sister Kate. We think the two of them make a pretty great team.

We wanted to capture Ronnie’s adventurous spirit at Ronnie’s Restaurant, with plenty of open space for you to bring the entire family or your co-workers for a down-home meal made from scratch every time you visit. Even if you’re flying solo, we can’t wait to learn your name and get to know you.

Located in Lenexa, Kansas, Ronnie’s Restaurant serves up all your favorite Kate’s Kitchen classics, like batches of fluffy, homemade pancakes or our famous hand-breaded chicken tenders. There’s something for everyone here at Ronnie’s Restaurant.

Like our sweet Kate, Ronnie is a blessing to everyone he meets. You may catch him escorting guests to a table or counting out your change. Rest assured, you’ll leave Ronnie’s Restaurant with an empty plate and a full heart. We can’t wait to meet you!

Who is Ronnie? Ronnie's Restaurant

Dave & Kelly Hendrix

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