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How to Develop Better Eating Habits


Learning how to eat in a way that nourishes ourselves is one of the first things most people are tasked with learning, but it’s also a challenge with solutions that change depending on the person, the season, and even the time of day!

Besides the many documented health benefits—including lower chances of developing certain chronic diseases, better ability to manage existing chronic diseases, and improved overall health—there’s also just knowing we’re all supposed to “eat right” (whatever that means). 

Honestly, developing better eating habits isn’t automatic for everyone, and no matter where you’re at in your healthful eating journey, it’s essential to check in with yourself from time to time and consider whether there are any changes you want to make. At Kate’s Kitchen, we love making food that brings people together around a scratch-made meal you can feel good about eating. How do we do that while serving some foods on the naughty list? Easy!

There’s No Such Thing As “Good Food” or “Bad Food”

That’s right, we said it: the naughty food list is a lie. There are healthful and nutritious foods, and there are less healthful or nutritious foods. Foods all have varying amounts of different nutrients, and very few foods are perfectly nutritionally complete on their own. You can have a healthy diet by eating a combination of foods that add up to the right amount of nutrients, and that’s what we’re trying to build: better eating habits, not nutritionally perfect eating habits.

chicken-saladStop, Moderate, and Listen

One of the best general ways to develop better eating habits is to think about food in terms of moderation. The easiest way to explain moderation in relation to food is simply being aware of what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, and how you feel in response. If you realize you’ve been eating a lot of pasta lately and you don’t feel great, try fewer simple carbs and more fibrous vegetables at your next meal or snack.

The Proof Is in the Portions

Another way to develop healthy eating habits is to think about food in terms of portion sizes. If you’re watching Netflix and you want some chips, have some chips—but put the amount you’re planning to eat into a bowl instead of eating directly from the bag.

Also, consider the portions of foods you’re eating in relation to the other foods on your plate. If you want more crunch on the side with your Netflix ‘n’ chips, consider adding a source of protein and fiber with some celery and peanut butter.

Try New Things

Studies indicate that the human brain is naturally biased to pay more attention to novel experiences than to familiar ones. This means you can have a more satisfying meal experience by trying something new with your meal—that might be using a new ingredient, following a new recipe, or even eating food a different way (try popcorn and chopsticks!).

The increased attention to your meal will make it easier to evaluate how you feel throughout, which promotes better eating habits by making you aware of signals you might otherwise not pay attention to.

If You Eat on Autopilot, Do Something Else

Sounds simple—because it is! Sometimes becoming aware of a problem is the hardest part of solving the problem. If you think you tend to eat when you’re not hungry, next time you find yourself reaching for a snack:

  • Consider whether you’re actually hungry.
  • If you’re hungry, have a healthy snack!
  • If you’re not hungry, consider what you might be trying to tell yourself.

Sometimes you’ll realize you’re inexplicably bored even though you’re watching a movie and scrolling on your phone, and you might need a walk outside to disconnect a bit. Other times you’ll realize you’re tired and might want to go to bed early that night.

meal-prepIf You Don’t Have Time to Cook, Try Meal Prep

A big issue in modern life is the availability of cheap calories without a lot of nutritional value combined with a busy schedule that leaves you feeling either rushed or exhausted when your body just wants you to feed yourself. Rather than surrendering to fast food, spend a couple of hours on the weekend batch-cooking for the week. There are tons of healthful recipes online to help you meal prep for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or all three!) for the week or month.

If Snacks Are Your Downfall, Get Better Snacks

People are more likely to do something if it’s easy, so make it easy on yourself to make better food choices! Keep a selection of different healthful food options that are easy to access without much preparation. Hummus, yogurt, fruits and vegetables, popcorn, pretzels, and nuts are filling snack choices with more vitamins and minerals (and fewer calories) than the usual processed junk food.

If You Have Questions, Talk to Your Doctor

You knew this one was coming! We’re not your doctor; we’re just the best scratch-made restaurant in the state trying to help you eat better. If you have questions about the best food choices you can make for your individual preferences and needs, we recommend you talk to your doctor, especially if you’re managing a chronic condition that can be affected by diet.

In many circumstances, your doctor can give you a referral to speak with a dietician or a nutritionist who can give you personalized recommendations based on your medical history and needs.

Practice Better Eating Habits at Kate’s Kitchen

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you in your healthy eating journey. Any way you decide to go, you can always come down to Kate’s when you’re looking for flavorful and healthful options!

Try our Scramblers! They’re scrambled eggs wrapped up in a tortilla with delicious protein and veggies mixed in, served with a side of potatoes for added vitamins and minerals. We recommend Ken’s Cadillac of Burritos—scrambled eggs with Scimeca’s Chorizo, avocado, tomatoes, and spinach, all wrapped in a spinach tortilla and topped with salsa, combo cheese, sour cream, and chives.

Take a look at our breakfast menu!

Give us a call if you want to place a to-go order!

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