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Our Favorite Staple Breakfast Foods, Ranked!


Longtime readers will know that breakfast is kind of our thing—and newer readers will catch on fast! Since we’re undisputed experts in the breakfast biz, we decided to share our knowledge with a ranking of the staple breakfast foods. Where did your favorites land on the list?

1: Eggs

The top spot is, of course, reserved for the most versatile staple breakfast food on the list. Eggs can be scrambled, fried, boiled, baked, poached, or steamed. Served with meat and bread for a savory option or used to make something sweet to start your day off… sweet! Whichever way you go, there’s a chance eggs are the cornerstone to your favorite breakfast, and we just love everything about these adaptable little guys!

Kate’s Kitchen Recommends: Our Southern Cal Omelet is bacon, tomatoes, and avocado, wrapped in a fluffy egg omelet and topped with jack cheese, sour cream and chives, served with a side of salsa.

2: Waffles

It’s no secret that we love waffles! Chewy on the inside with a crispy sugared outside, waffles just may be the perfect food. Serve them savory or sweet, on the side or as a main course, made from scratch or freshly toasted from the freezer, we firmly believe that there are no bad waffles, just bad opinions about waffles.

Kate’s Kitchen Recommends: The King tops our chewy, crispy waffles with warm peanut butter, bananas, powdered sugar and butter.

3: Pancakes

In the interest of keeping an open mind, our deep and forever love of waffles didn’t stop us from getting a Ph.D. in the history of pancakes! What did we learn in our studies? Well, most of the rules of waffles easily carry over to pancakes, but their lack of rigidity makes them a little less portable and they’re better for soaking up liquid toppings. Keep these differences in mind when planning your next pancake party.

Kate’s Kitchen Recommends: Our Fruit-A-Licious pancakes top scratch made pancakes with your choice of banana, craisin and granola; blueberry; or apples with pecan, cinnamon and roasted pecans.

bacon-slab4: Bacon

We can hear you already: bacon is too low on the list! and we’ll just say it: bacon is a little bit overrated. Yes, this is a very spicy take and we’ll own it. Bacon has been added to everything for the last decade, even places where bacon should definitely not go—bacon bourbon? bacon caramel? bacon milkshakes?—and we say enough. Bacon is good, but it has its place, and its place is as a side dish, not as the main flavor.

Kate’s Kitchen Recommends: Add a side of bacon to any of our delicious breakfast options to add a more savory, meaty flavor to your morning.

5: French Toast

Everything good about waffles and pancakes carries over to planning your next French toast Sunday morning. Think sweet, and bump up the nutrition with seasonal fresh fruit!

Kate’s Kitchen Recommends: Our Stuffed French Toast is made with two pieces of French toast filled with sausage, melted cheese, and scrambled eggs.

6: Breakfast Sandwich

If you need something portable with a little more substance than a toaster pastry, breakfast sandwiches are for you! Start with any bread (we like English muffins!), add eggs made any way you like, then increase the protein with meat or cheese and fiber with cooked veg.

Kate’s Kitchen Recommends: Our Breakfast Sandwich is made with two fluffy scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon or ham and melted cheese, all on a grilled croissant, and served with seasonal fruit and potatoes.

7: Potatoes

Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a hash, there’s no way to go wrong with potatoes at breakfast. From French fries to hash browns, potatoes are no strangers to the breakfast plate. Add a crispy, creamy texture to any savory dish, or use potatoes for a contrasting side with something sweet.

Kate’s Kitchen Recommends: Our Country Scramble is a medley of bacon, sausage, ham, and a three cheese blend, topped with gravy and served with a heaping helping of potatoes.

8: Baked Goods

Looking for something sweet and portable for a breakfast-time treat? Baked goods to the rescue! Donuts, chocolate croissants, turnovers and breakfast rolls are all good choices (is there a not-good choice here? We don’t think so). Fun fact: they’re called “baked goods” because they’re good straight out of the package—but they’re even better fresh baked on a weekend morning, at your place or ours.

Kate’s Kitchen Recommends: Our Cinnamon Rolls are made fresh each morning and topped with warm icing for a sweet start to your day (or order one to go for later!).

9: Breakfast Burrito


Whether you want something you can carry out the door on your commute or a giant wrap covered in melted cheese, both of those options can be a breakfast burrito. Tortilla, eggs, meat, cheese and veg, plus any toppings you want to add more flavor.

Kate’s Kitchen Recommends: Our Carnita Burrita combines scrambled eggs with pork carnitas, onions, jalapeños and tomatoes wrapped in a tortilla, then we top it with jack cheese and house-made chipotle sauce.

10: Toast

Need something filling and healthy as you’re rushing out the door? A piece of whole-grain toast is the standard for food that prepares itself while you finish getting ready to go. Don’t let the low position on this list fool you, toast is here because everything above it is better, not because it isn’t good—and it makes a great side to add more nutrition to any breakfast that features more interesting main foods.

Kate’s Kitchen Recommends: Our Classic All American Breakfast serves toast with two eggs and potatoes, simply delicious!

Disagree? Let us change your mind!

Come on down to Kate’s Kitchen and try all these staple breakfast foods and more. If you try all ten and still disagree with their place on the list, we’re open to reconsidering future rankings!

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