The Breakfast for Dinner Debate

We all know at least one person who LOVES having breakfast for dinner. We also all know someone who thinks it is absolute madness to have breakfast for dinner. We thought we would try and settle the debate today. Now, our restaurants are not open for dinner but we are not, by any means, letting that cloud our opinion.

breakfast-for-dinner-debateBreakfast for Dinner is Delicious but Not the Norm

Breakfast food is delicious and you should be able to enjoy it at any time of day. The reason why more people aren't on board is because many restaurants are not offering breakfast for dinner options on the menus so it may turn some people off because it just, "doesn't seem right."

Some people grew up regularly eating breakfast for dinner and the thought of having a stack of pancakes and eggs at 7 pm does not phase while others grew up being told that certain food exclusively need to be eaten at certain times - which is a bit restrictive, right?

People Don't Want Pancakes for Dinner

We get this. Many of the sweeter breakfast items aren't well suited for dinner but we think that things like breakfast burritos or omelets can be a filling and nutritious way to finish off the day.

Note: Don't listen to the people who say this. You can totally have pancakes or french toast for dinner - if you are an adult - no one is going to stop you, but there are more healthy and filling options out there, too. Moderation is always key!

Breakfast Food Can't be Easily Reheated

This is somewhat true. A lot of breakfast foods won't be as tasty if you reheat them in the microwave.

Some breakfast foods like sausage or gravy for biscuits and gravy do reheat well but things like eggs and toast obviously don't.

We feel that this point is a bit unfair to bring up in the debate simply because the whole point of breakfast for dinner is that it is usually impromptu, inexpensive, and kind of fun! Unless you are an avid breakfast food fanatic, you likely don't have breakfast for dinner on the meal schedule - it just happens!

Also, the beauty of breakfast food is that you can easily control portions so you don't have to worry about leftovers!

Breakfast Food Isn't Filling

This just isn't true. Many breakfast foods have a ton of protein (sausage, bacon, and eggs) and fiber (oatmeal and fruit) that will help you feel full without overindulging.

Now, if you are just eating a piece of toast and half of a scrambled egg, that is different but if you create a balanced meal, you won't have to worry about feeling full.


If you are adamant about not having breakfast for dinner, that is absolutely fine but cut the breakfast for dinner lovers some slack. Their hearts sing when they hear bacon crackling and a waffle iron sizzling no matter what time it is.

Breakfast for dinner-lovers, stay true to yourselves and eat your breakfast food whenever you please!

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