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Why Eating Breakfast for Dinner Is a Good Idea


It’s common knowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no matter when you decide to eat breakfast. Between the nearly infinite flavor profiles, the variety of options, and the way you can always find a recipe to fit whatever amount of time you have available, breakfast might just be the perfect meal.

But did you know nearly all of the benefits of breakfast translate seamlessly to the similar but definitely different kind of breakfast that is breakfast for dinner? And how many benefits are there? We count seven.

1. You Can Eat Your Waffles and Go to Bed!

You know that feeling when you finish a really delicious breakfast, you ate one more waffle than you probably should have, and now you just want to take a nap? Well, if you have breakfast for dinner, you can just go straight to bed when that feeling hits. You’re an adult! No one can stop you from going to bed early if that’s what you want to do!

2. You Can Try a Complicated Recipe

Sure, eggs Benedict, frittata Florentine, or fresh-baked scones sound great when you wake up late on a Sunday morning, but who wants to do that much cooking straight out of bed and when you’re probably already hungry? If you have breakfast for dinner, you can plan your time out in advance and try any complicated recipe you want without feeling pressured to get something on the table.

Let’s face it. Sometimes we ignore all the varied flavors of breakfast because we just don’t have time for anything like that at the very beginning of the day—and if you don’t want to do that much cooking after getting home from work, we hear you! Complicated breakfast for dinner recipes are best saved for days off, when you don’t have a lot of other things to plan around.

3. You Can Try a Lazy Recipe

Speaking of the after work weeknight rush, have you considered making breakfast for dinner to save some time and reduce stress? Scrambled eggs are quick, easy, delicious and nutritious, especially if you add some mix-ins like veggies and protein.

You can also go with a classic frozen breakfast burrito or breakfast sandwich, but do it better than store bought by batch cooking on the weekend, then freezing until you need a healthy and fast option to get fed when you just don’t have the energy. You can do the same with waffles and pancakes, and save money over buying the frozen version in stores, plus you can add fruit and nuts for extra nutrition.

4. You Can Choose Your Level of Investment

Whether you want something quick and easy, or you’re interested in trying out an elaborate new recipe, breakfast for dinner is the right answer! Have a bowl of cereal or peanut butter toast if you want to spend maximum time catching up on binging a new tv series. If you’re looking for a unique bonding activity to try with your partner or kids, choose a recipe none of you has ever tried before and spend time together in the kitchen making it happen.

When it comes to buying ingredients, you can make something delicious at a low price point, like potatoes and eggs, or you can splurge on more upscale ingredients and add some luxe to your bagels and lox.

5. There’s Something for Everybody

Breakfast is the ideal solution if you have dietary restrictions (or a picky eater in your house!). Low carb, keto, vegetarian, and even texture preferences, it’s easy to find a breakfast to match. Even if you have a lot of different dietary considerations to take into account, you can remove and substitute ingredients until you’ve found the breakfast dish that’s right for you.

Suppose you’re feeding a crowd with multiple and conflicting needs. In that case, we suggest a self-serve pancake station: make pancakes (regular, low carb, whole wheat, cornbread, blueberry, mix and match to fit the crowd); then, set out toppings like butter and maple syrup, fresh fruit, whipped cream, bacon crumbles, and anything else that would be good on pancakes; set out plates and let everyone serve themselves; easy!

6. Breakfast Food Can Help You Meet Your Health Goals

Starting your day with breakfast is an excellent way to kick-start your metabolism and avoid being distracted by hunger before lunch, but did you know breakfast for dinner also has potential health benefits?

Smaller meals before bed can lead to better and more restful sleep, and many classic breakfast foods—like oatmeal, eggs, toast, or fresh fruit and yogurt—are both nutritious and lower in calories than most typical dinner meals. Try swapping a regular dinner for a light breakfast for dinner a few times per week and see for yourself whether this is a strategy you may benefit from when looking for new ways to improve your general health.

7. Anything Is breakfast if You Put an Egg on It!

Burger with an egg on it? Sure! Pizza with an egg on it? Definitely! Baked spaghetti with an egg? Just call it a new take on shakshuka!

Eggs are a great way to add some extra protein, calcium, and healthy fats needed to absorb crucial vitamins, and since eggs are a breakfast food, they transfer the “breakfast” property to anything they touch. That’s just science! Come to Kate’s to get breakfast for dinner inspiration!

Even though we close at 2pm, you can still get some delicious breakfast for dinner inspiration from our breakfast menu—or place a to-go order and reheat it later to save yourself some time in the kitchen. Whether you decide to have breakfast for dinner, breakfast for breakfast, or breakfast for lunch, there are no wrong choices here, only delicious ones!

Take a look at our breakfast menu!

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