Weird Breakfast Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day. Sometimes it's a rushed affair before work, and other days it's a relaxed time to enjoy with your family, friends or just on your own. Breakfast gets you set up for the day, giving you the energy that you need to get through the morning. Breakfast is different around the world, but we all love it. Check out some of these weird breakfast facts to learn more about this important meal.

Historical Breakfast Facts

girl-eating-cold-cerealBreakfast is certainly nothing new.

  • The word breakfast comes from breaking your fast from the night before and it was the first meal of the day. Breakfast was then called morgenmete, meaning "morning meal", until it became breakfast.
  • In the 17th century, pilgrims from the Netherlands introduced waffles to North America. Woohoo!
  • It wasn't until the 1890s that cold cereal became a popular breakfast food - partly because of one of the Clean Living Movements, which said that bacon, eggs, and pancakes were far too indulgent for breakfast!

Breakfast World Records

If something can be done, someone will turn it into a world record.

  • The world record for the most people eating breakfast in bed was set in Sydney, Australia in 2012. 289 people got into 85 queen size beds (four to a bed!) to enjoy their morning meal.
  • The largest breakfast in the world goes to the breakfast that was 27,854 people strong. It took place in Germany in 2005.
  • Another large breakfast of a different kind is the massive 1,907lb bowl of porridge, cooked up in Tula, Russia in 2011.

Breakfast Around the World


Morning Breakfast in Kenya

Breakfast is enjoyed in a wide variety of ways around the world.

  • In many places in Europe, cold meats and cheeses are enjoyed for breakfast.
  • In the UK and Australia, Marmite and Vegemite - made from yeast extract - are popular spreads for toast.

While fish might not be anyone's first thought when they have breakfast, it's actually a top choice in many places.

From dishes like eggs royale featuring smoked salmon and kedgeree, a curried rice dish with eggs and smoked haddock to traditional Japanese breakfast dishes with fish, miso soup and tofu and ackee and saltfish in Jamaica, fish features in plenty of people's breakfasts.

Celebrating Breakfast

It's always good to have an excuse to indulge in something you love - especially if it is delicious. If you want to celebrate breakfast, February is National Hot Breakfast Month.

There are plenty of opportunities to make a big deal out of breakfast. January is Oatmeal Month, and Pancake Day (also called Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras) is the perfect time to eat pancakes in February or March (depending on the year). Celebrate National Egg Month in May, Waffle Day in August and French Toast Day in November.

There are plenty more interesting things to learn about breakfast, but the best thing that you can do is eat it.

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