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Ranking Our Favorite Breakfast Drinks!


Breakfast is so wonderful, isn’t it? How could a day possibly be bad if you start it off with a whole, hearty breakfast? Whether you go out to a breakfast place with a group of friends on a Saturday morning or host brunch at your own place, breakfast can be simply magical. However, breakfast is arguably just as much about the drinks as it is about the food.

Heck, some people ONLY have drinks for breakfast. There’s nothing quite like starting your day off with your favorite beverage. Whether you don’t have time to make breakfast or you’re just not a breakfast person in general, there’s no denying that breakfast drinks are an absolute staple. With that said, we’re going to rank our favorite breakfast drinks from very delicious to most delicious.

10) Water (with Lemon)

Perhaps not the most exciting breakfast beverage, we doubt that many people wake up in the morning and exclaim “Oh boy, I can’t wait to drink water!… with lemon.” But still, beauty sometimes lies in simplicity, and it doesn’t get much simpler than a glass of ice water that has been infused with a couple of tart lemon wedges.

While not exciting or delicious enough to place anywhere but last on our list, a refreshing glass of water in the morning sometimes can’t be beaten. Plus, it is a very healthy and hydrating way to start off your day. It is perfect for somebody who isn’t in the mood for something particularly strong or sweet.

9) Cranberry Juice

While cranberry juice isn’t the most iconic of breakfast drinks, it is certainly very delicious (and good for you too! Well, as long as you don’t load it up with sugar). Fresh cranberry juice has been used to treat urinary issues, upset stomachs, and liver problems. Now, that’s what we call health benefits! What’s the saying? A glass of cranberry juice a day keeps the doctor away? Yeah, that’s right…


8) Hot Tea

Some people see hot tea as simply a drink for the elderly, but we would argue that that’s definitely not the case. There are so many different types of tea that there is bound to be something for you. All you have to do is experiment a little bit. Not to mention that hot tea comes with a number of health benefits, and the benefits vary depending on what you’re drinking. Definitely a nutritious, comforting, and delicious way to start off your day.

Interested in learning more about the health benefits of certain breakfast foods? Check out this blog article we wrote about fourteen of the healthiest breakfast foods!

7) Black Coffee

While black coffee is fairly niche, there’s no denying that it has its fans. While most people prefer lattes, iced coffee, or cream and sugar with their coffee, for others, nothing beats a piping hot cup of joe with no additives. Plus, black coffee is the most nutritious way to drink coffee, and the caffeine is a fantastic bonus.

6) Iced Tea

We’re including iced tea on our list as a separate drink from hot tea. Yes, it’s still tea, but we would argue that, as a breakfast drink, iced tea is far more popular. Just count the number of people ordering iced tea at breakfast joints as opposed to hot tea. Yeah…

Unfortunately, there isn’t as much variety with iced tea, as most of the time, it is black tea. With hot tea, there is also green tea and many varieties of herbal tea (which, most of the time, don’t contain caffeine, making them a good nighttime drink as well). Many people add sugar to iced tea to make it sweet, but if you want to keep your drink nutritious, we recommend drinking unsweetened tea.

5) Mimosas

Wow, mimosas are certainly one heck of a breakfast drink. Who doesn’t need a little more alcohol in the morning? This hearty combination of champagne and orange juice is typically served at brunches, weddings, and other social gatherings.

While mimosas are delicious, they’re more of something that you have on a special occasion than a beverage that you partake in every morning. For that reason, we couldn’t put it higher on our list, but their deliciousness helps them crack into the top five. However, if you drink mimosas every day and they’re number one on your personal list, that’s completely fine. We don’t judge.

latte4) Lattes

Next up, we have the second appearance of coffee on this list. Would you believe that coffee is a popular breakfast drink? Who would have thought? However, our fourth favorite breakfast drink isn’t just plain old coffee… it’s a latte. For the uninitiated (it’s time to become initiated), a latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk.

The name latte is derived from the Italian term caffè e latte which means “coffee and milk.” A very apt title indeed. Lattes can be served either piping hot or ice-cold, giving them nice variety, and some people claim that iced lattes make them feel especially energized. Tastier than plain black coffee and an absolute morning staple, lattes had to appear high on our list of favorite breakfast drinks.

3) Orange Juice

Orange juice is arguably the breakfast drink. It’s an undisputed classic. Nothing beats that citrusy, sweet taste in the morning.

Well… seeing as how this is only number three on our list, two other drinks beat it out in our opinion. Nevertheless, the thought of an ice-cold glass of OJ to go along with some bacon and eggs or pancakes or french toast or all of them together makes us salivate.

While some people may prefer a mimosa, which is just OJ with some champagne added to it, the simplicity of a glass of orange juice makes it the perfect breakfast drink. Now for the age-old question… no pulp or lots of pulp?

2) Smoothies

So, what could possibly beat out orange juice? Another fruity beverage… smoothies! The amazing thing about smoothies… well, one of the amazing things about smoothies is the sheer amount of variety. You can put nearly anything into a smoothie.

The mileage varies on whether or not it will taste good, but as long as you don’t go too crazy (don’t put bacon into it or anything like that), it will most likely be delicious. Basically, if you put any combination of fruit into a smoothie, it’s probably going to taste good.

We love to add some honey into our smoothies for some natural sweetness, and you can even add foods like spinach, avocado, or carrots to them. These types of ingredients will give your smoothie a little health boost, and the mild flavors will be masked by the fruitiness. Go crazy with your smoothie combos and let us know what you come up with!

1) Coffee (with Cream and/or Sugar)

Finally, topping our list, we once again have an appearance from coffee. Honestly, what could possibly be the greatest breakfast drink that isn’t some form of coffee? People seriously rely on that boost of caffeine to get them through the day, and the bitter, yet somehow endlessly yummy, taste is the perfect companion to any breakfast.

However, most people can’t drink coffee by its lonesome. Some can, which is why we included black coffee earlier on in the list, but most people have to add some cream and/or sugar to their coffee to make it bearable.

There’s no denying that coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, so we had to put it at number one on our list. Whether you like a latte, a cappuccino, or black coffee or you like to load it up with cream and sugar, coffee is the quintessential breakfast drink.

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