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Why Do We Enjoy Comfort Foods so Much?


Many people wonder why do comfort foods bring comfort? After a stressful day, it is not uncommon for humans to turn to certain foods. Research has revealed that comfort foods make you feel good.  Foods that are energy-dense and high in fat create a reaction in the pleasure centers of your brain and put a smile on your face. 

Common Comfort Foods

Comfort foods normally are not healthy options, but they are tasty. Here are some common comfort foods:

  • Sweets
  • Potato Dishes (mashed potatoes, french fries, etc.)
  • Pasta Dishes
  • Fried Foods

Why Certain Foods Make You Feel Good?

Foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt activate the brain’s reward system which induces a feeling of happiness. Chocolate often has a substantial effect on a person’s disposition, and many people simply cannot avoid the sweet goodness of a candy bar. After consumption, the brain’s reward system is triggered and a person will experience pleasant feelings and reduced tension.

When feeling down, it is common to eat certain foods to alleviate your bad mood. Just make sure you don’t indulge too often. Treats in moderation are fine for a quick little pick me up, but you should not rely solely on food for happiness. 

Pleasant Cuisine Associations

Comfort foods are commonly served at large family gatherings where you are surrounded by loved ones. If a person feels lonely or isolated, then they might turn to foods that they associate with happy family memories and feelings of warmth mixed with camaraderie. This sends a warm and fuzzy feeling to the brain and can temporarily elevate mood.

Foods Inspire Memories

Smell and taste have strong associations related to a human’s memory. One whiff of those delicious pancakes can transport you back to a simpler time. 

Creating Happy Food Memories

During times of celebration such as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday you might give yourself a free ticket to indulge in sweet, tasty items that bring an instant sense of satisfaction. In such a circumstance, food, not only offers comfort, but helps build positive memories.  

Dining Out and Main Dishes

Whenever you go out for dinner, you probably choose comfort foods as your main dish. The restaurant becomes a favorite location that you return to time and time again based on the pleasurable memories of dining on delicious meals with friends and family.

If you are craving true comfort foods, then look no further then Kate’s Kitchen and Ronnie’s Restaurant where you will find all of your breakfast and lunch favorites. Our breakfast comfort food choices include hearty country scramble filled with eggs, bacon, and ham served with tasty breakfast potatoes on the side. There is also golden brown French toast, waffles, or pancakes for those of you with a sweet tooth. 

For lunch you will find crispy, hand battered chicken fingers, Danny’s Reuben, and Fried Chicken Salad. We have something to fit everyone’s’ tastes. Let us help you curb those comfort food cravings with fresh, delicious menu choices!

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