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Is the Traditional Breakfast Dead?


If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram in the last few years, you’ve probably low-key followed the procession of trendy breakfasts; from avocado toast to green smoothies to chia seed puddings in mason jars, breakfast is having a moment. But what happened to the traditional breakfast? In a world so desperate to feel nostalgic, is it really possible that the traditional breakfast is dead? We sure hope not, and we want your help to bring traditional breakfasts back into the mainstream!

Health-Focused Options

We get it: traditional breakfasts are full of things that “aren’t good for you” anymore—but not all traditional breakfasts are like that! Here are some of the healthier options, and with small modifications they can fit into a raw, plant-based or low-carb lifestyle.


Load it up with your favorite fruit or nut toppings, your milk of choice and a touch of sweetener (honey is great), and this traditional breakfast food is flavorful and filling—not to mention infinitely customizable. If you’re eating raw, try making overnight oats by soaking raw oats in dairy or nut milk overnight, then topping with your favorite fruits.


Layers of yogurt and fruit, topped with granola (and/or more fruit). Simple, healthful and delicious. Just think of it as “a deconstructed smoothie bowl.” To make a plant-based parfait, make chia seed pudding by mixing two Tbsp of chia seeds into a ½ cup of coconut or almond milk, add your sweetener of choice, then let sit for 2 hours (or overnight) in the fridge. In the morning, spoon your chia seed pudding into a container, layering with fruit.

Breakfast Burritos

Hear us out on this one! A good breakfast burrito can cover all your nutritional needs with a good balance of protein, vegetables, and carbs—if you’re low-carbing it, just skip the tortilla and any high-glycemic veggies or legumes.

If You’re In the Mood To Treat Yourself

We believe in moderation, and moderation makes room for the occasional excess. If you want a meal that really brings back good memories, try one of these traditional breakfast options.


Pancakes at Kate’s Kitchen are made from scratch, not from a mix. We want to feed you pancakes like your mom or dad used to make on Saturday morning. You can eat our pancakes plain, with syrup, or with different fruit toppings. Waffles are a similar story, and we personally recommend The King (that’s waffles with warm peanut butter and bananas, powdered sugar and butter). If you are torn between ordering pancakes or waffles, we broke down the pros and cons of both breakfast treats.

French Toast

If you want something a little fancier, nothing beats our French toast. Regular or stuffed, covered in delicious toppings or made from cinnamon rolls, you can’t go wrong. If you’re making French toast at home, add a small splash of orange juice to the batter—trust us, it tastes great.

As much as we love avocado toast (we really, really do!), sometimes you just need a good plate of bacon and eggs—and we’ll put avocado on that too if you ask. Traditional breakfasts can bring back so many good memories; we want the traditional breakfast to be the next trend, so bring on the waffles, bring on the scrambles, bring on the cinnamon rolls, bring on the breakfast burritos.

At Kate’s Kitchen and Ronnie’s Restaurant, we are serving up your traditional breakfast favorites every day! See you soon!!

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