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The All Star Game Throwdown of Breakfast Meats


Kate’s Kitchen and Ronnie’s Restaurant are no strangers when it comes to breakfast foods of all types. Recently we did a post putting waffles up against pancakes, but when it comes to breakfast meat we all have our preferences when given a choice. What happens when we put the most popular breakfast meats head to head? Let’s take a look at these home run hitting winners:

Let’s Talk About Sausage

People are a bit hot and cold when it comes to sausage. Sausage is a bit unpredictable, the bad boy of breakfast meats. Sausage can taste anywhere from mild and almost sweet to spicy and peppery. At Kate’s Kitchen and Ronnie’s Restaurant, we go with a mild peppery sausage which caters to a wide range of pallets. Sausage is a bit more versatile than bacon, but you miss out on crispiness. Unlike bacon, sausage is eaten with a fork and knife, so if you are not into finger foods this is your top pick. Sausage isn’t too worried about bacon or ham because sausage brings something different to the table. Sausage hopes to become the crowd favorite over the next few years. Sausage hits a grand slam in our stomachs and in our hearts


Ham: The Veteran

Ham is a bit underrated but deserves some attention. Ham is a staple breakfast meat that has been around for years but is regularly forgotten about. If you like the saltiness of bacon, but crave something a bit thicker with more chewiness ham is your player of choice. Ham needs to be traditionally eaten with a fork and knife. Ham’s texture is a bit denser than sausage and some people associate it with holiday meals or sandwiches, but ham is trying very hard to stay relevant in the breakfast game and not be pushed out by it’s younger opponent bacon. Ham has been nothing but consistently good on the plate and we love that!


Bacon the Trendy Contender

Bacon, the crowd favorite, is delightfully salty with just the right amount of grease. Bacon can be seen hanging out in some of the trendiest restaurants atop fancy 15 dollar sandwiches and at the extremely popular ‘Bacon and Bourbon Festivals’. Bacon has a strong distinctive flavor that compliments sweet pancakes and waffles or adds a little something extra to the classic breakfast sandwich. Bacon is the cool guy, the guy who can hang out with almost anybody. The only downside of bacon (if you even want to call it a downside) is that its flavor can sometimes be a little too much for some people. If you are watching your salt intake, bacon may not be for you but, then again the rest of our breakfast meat players are not low in sodium so that point is moot. This is a close call.


Final Thoughts

As usual, we cannot pick a winner. We love all of these breakfast meats are the MVP. Check out our menu to see what you are going to have for breakfast next!

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