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9 Delicious Sauces That Go Great with Eggs!

Eggs benedict

Eggs are versatile, healthy, and good on their own or as part of a more complicated recipe; they’re also one of the most cost-effective proteins you can buy—what’s not to love? We suppose we could eventually be persuaded to admit that even when you love eggs—and you love the recipes you’re making with those eggs—it’s still possible to want a little bit more flavor in the mix.

We have good news! In cooking, sauces are officially categorized as flavor-delivery systems, and that means they can transform any egg dish from merely eggcellent to a cracking good breakfast! Don’t believe us? Try these nine delicious sauces that go great with eggs, and you’ll regret the error of your ways!

1. Hot Sauce

Fair warning: if you’ve never tried putting hot sauce on your eggs before, the rest of this list might end up being a little too intense for you!

For the rest of you, we’re guessing you’re wondering why we bothered even putting hot sauce on the list. That’s because we’re not just suggesting you put hot sauce on your eggs; we’re suggesting you put multiple hot sauces on your eggs.

If you have one bottle of hot sauce in your fridge, then you definitely have more than one bottle of hot sauce in your fridge—that’s just science—and the foundation of science is experimentation, which is why you should put more hot sauces on your eggs!

2. Salsa

Similar to hot sauce, salsa goes great with eggs, and there are about a million different varieties of it, too! Red salsa, green salsa, salsa from a jar, or salsa made by hand using fresh ingredients—there are no wrong answers here. Adding salsa to your eggs can also add a sneaky serving of veg to your meal, and that means you’ll be fueling your day with improved nutrition from the very start of your day.

3. Hollandaise Sauce

Perhaps you’re wanting something a bit more upscale and without the veg? In that case, you can’t go wrong with a classic French hollandaise sauce made from egg yolk, melted butter, lemon juice, salt, and a bit of cayenne or white pepper.

The resulting flavor is buttery, a bit salty, pleasantly tart and bright from the lemon juice, and a bit spicy from the pepper (but not enough to truly call it spicy). Hollandaise is traditionally served on poached eggs and on steamed vegetables like asparagus.

4. Béarnaise Sauce

Looking for something similar to hollandaise sauce but just a little bit more? Béarnaise uses the same foolproof starting point of egg yolks and melted butter but instead of the lemon juice, salt, and pepper used to get to hollandaise, béarnaise uses shallot, white wine vinegar, pepper, and tarragon.

This gives it a tangy, herbal flavor, with a slightly licorice note from the tarragon. Usually, you’ll find béarnaise sauce served with meat—especially on fine steaks—fish, vegetables, or eggs.

5. Béchamel Sauce

This creamy French white sauce is made from white roux and milk, with just a bit of grated nutmeg or other spices to add more interest to the straightforward affair. Béchamel’s buttery, creamy flavor and silky, creamy texture explain why this is one of the “mother sauces” in French cooking: it’s the ideal base for cheesy dishes like lasagna, mac and cheese, or a classic French croque madame

Tip: Don’t be intimidated by French cooking—a croque madame is just French for a grilled ham and cheese melt with an out-of-this-world sauce and a fried egg on top!

6. Ketchup

Going from French cooking to ketchup might feel like culinary whiplash, but our main point is that we only care if it tastes good, and we’re here to tell you ketchup is, in fact, good on eggs. Swirl it on scrambles, strike it across the yolks of your sunny sides up, put it on omelets—you’d honestly have to work pretty hard to go wrong here.

7. Steak Sauce

Some people swear by the name-brand standard A1, and others say that any steak sauce will do, but when it comes to putting steak sauce on your eggs, we say try it if you want to try something new.

Sweet, tart, and a bit peppery too, the flavor of steak sauce goes especially well with more savory flavors. While it’s good enough on plain scrambles, we recommend topping a mushroom, bacon, and cheddar omelet with steak sauce. It won’t quite change your life, but it’s so good it will almost change your life!

8. Pesto

Next time you’re making avocado toast and want to try something different (or next time you’re making avocado toast and realize you don’t have avocado), swap out the avo mash for pesto and rock your tastebuds. Keep it all in the same flavor family by adding feta and chopped olives or turn to the kitchen sink method and just add whatever seems like it would taste good (you’ll probably be right!).

9. Maple Syrup

Hear us out and we promise this makes sense! Have you ever had a big weekend breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs all piled onto one plate? And you put maple syrup on the pancakes, right? And then you dipped the bacon in maple syrup because, come on, it was right there, right? And maybe some maple syrup got onto the eggs and you’re not going to not eat the eggs with syrup on them, right?

All we’re saying is that next time maybe don’t blame the pancakes for your breakfast sauce decisions. Just own it and put maple syrup on your eggs! We support you.

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