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9 Fun Omelet Recipes to Spice Up Your Morning!


We just realized it feels like it’s been forever since we did a themed recipe roundup! We’re so sorry about that, and we wanted to make it up to you—so we used that as an excuse to test out a whole clutch of omelet recipes. From fool-proof classic styles to avant-garde culinary experimentations, we’re now fairly confident we’ve seen (and tasted) it all. Read on for nine fun omelet recipes to spice up your morning!

Two Words: Giant Omelet

If you’re curious about the secrets to making a classic diner-style ham and cheese omelet, we’ll never tell—but Serious Eats has explained it better than we could anyway! This recipe will result in an oversized omelet with tender browned curds for that iconic old school breakfast diner look (we’re not saying which one, but you know the one). Fair warning, the recipe calls for 4-5 eggs to make an omelet large enough to feed two, so plan accordingly or scale down the ingredients.

Tip: If you’re making breakfast for the whole family, cooking oversized omelets, and dividing them to serve can save some time versus making individual omelets.

Everything Veg

Start your meatless Monday with something more egg-citing than oatmeal or toast by trying this recipe from Feel Good Foodie. Our favorite thing about this recipe is how it works like a template to tell you when to cook and add different kinds of vegetables, which is super helpful for newer cooks. As written, the omelet will include red onions, peppers, mushrooms, and spinach, but you can swap out any of those for whichever veggies you like best in your omelet!

Want Some Hash Browns with Your Omelet?

Yeah, having your omelet with hash browns on the side is cool, but have you ever tried having your omelet with hash browns on the inside?

This recipe from Norine’s Nest makes a rolled omelet with the eggs cooked on top of crispy, golden hash browns and then topped with mushrooms, peppers, onions, and cheese before rolling this absolute unit of flavor experience up into a fun, all in one breakfast! It’s like a semi-deconstructed breakfast casserole, or a savory jelly roll, or—you know what, we can’t really explain it, you just have to try it for yourself and then you’ll understand.

Bacon Omelet, but Make It Fancy

This recipe from Simply Delicious Food is ready to impress at your next home-cooked brunch, or for a light dinner. Smoky, salty bacon drenched in decadent, melty brie and enrobed in a layer of custardy whipped egg. Balance out the richness by serving with a simple tossed salad or seasoned sliced tomatoes drizzled with olive oil. If you think about it, you’re just putting half a charcuterie board into an omelet, and what could be better than that?

Bacon Omelet Again, but Fancier

We’re glad you asked! A bacon omelet can get even better by adding the sweet and indulgent flavor of lobster to the (fancy dress) party!

We were initially skeptical of this recipe, so we’re glad Caroline’s Cooking was there to show us the way with delicious descriptions and mouth-watering photos that convinced us to take a chance. This bacon and lobster omelet is cooked frittata-style and finished under the broiler before being garnished with chopped tomato and fresh parsley to serve.

This Is the Last Bacon One, Promise!

Mortadella is fancy bologna and prosciutto is fancy bacon (sorry, we don’t make the rules!). Impress your friends, family, and anyone else you happen to have over for breakfast by making this omelet from Food Schmooze featuring prosciutto, parmesan, and rosemary. The fact that it’s an omelet already means you get bonus points for effort, and the perfectly balanced ingredients mean extra bonus points for deliciousness!

It’s Got that Umami Flavor

When you’re craving serious savory flavor but you’re not in the mood for meat, consider turning to the humble mushroom. Mushrooms are easy to cook because they’re impossible to overcook: if they get too “overdone,” simply add a bit of water to the bottom of the pan to rehydrate them, top it with a lid for 2-5 minutes, and you’ll be all set!

This cheesy mushroom and spinach omelet recipe from the Chunky Chef is tasty enough to serve for a leisurely weekend breakfast, but it’s also quick and easy enough to satisfy your gourmand cravings on a weekday morning!

We Lied, This One Has Bacon Too

Whether you’re making breakfast for dinner or you just want a seriously hardy and protein-packed omelet recipe that doesn’t call itself a “light” meal, we recommend following the lead of Don’t Go Bacon My Heart with this frankly amazing bacon chili cheese omelet. If you haven’t yet tried putting a fried egg on your chili, just skip that and get right to the good stuff with this omelet loaded with spicy chili, gooey melted cheese, and crispy bacon!

Is a Baked Omelet an Omelet?

This is truly one of life’s greatest mysteries, surpassed only by a few other infinitely debatable food questions: Is a hotdog a sandwich? Is a hamburger a sandwich? Is a quesadilla a sandwich? Is a pizza a sandwich? (In case you’re wondering, the correct answers are: yes, yes, yes, and yes—but only if you fold it.)

What we’re trying to say is even though we love omelets, eating nothing but omelets while we painstakingly collected our favorite recipes was a lot to go through and this baked omelet recipe from All Recipes mostly won us over with how low maintenance it is! You can get it started in no time, you don’t have to do anything with it while it’s baking, and you can bake it ahead of time to enjoy later. It even freezes and reheats especially well, so it’s perfect for meal prep.

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