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What’s Your Sandwich Bread Soulmate?

What’s Your Sandwich Bread Soulmate?

What’s Your Sandwich Bread Soulmate?

Bread has been a staple in many cultures’ diets for centuries. There’s a reason why the old saying refers to the essentials as the “bread and butter.” There are few things more essential to a classic home cooked meal then a warm roll, slice, or loaf of bread. At Kate’s Kitchen, we serve a wide variety of breads that we use to make our delicious sandwiches. The difficult part is deciding which one to choose! We can help by guiding you through the differences between sandwich breads so that you can select the perfect option for your lunch.

Marbled Rye

Rye is a dense bread that is high in fiber and has a strong flavor. It’s made from rye flour that can be used to make light, dark, or pumpernickel bread, depending on what part of the grain is used. Marble bread is made by twisting together these different types of dough that result in a beautifully swirled loaf. It pairs perfectly with deli sandwiches-like our “REUBEN” or “MARBLE RYE MAGIC” sandwiches.

Kaiser Roll

A hearty sandwich is a great way to fill you up but requires an equally substantial bread to withstand its delicious fillings. A kaiser roll is an Austrian crusty round roll made from white flour and typically topped with salt and various seeds. It’s the ideal choice for a sandwich that is bursting with flavor like our “CALIFORNIA FRESH” sandwich. This thick,  dense roll helps prevent tomatoes from getting soggy and can withstand lots of sauces because of its crust.

Whole Wheat

Whole wheat is a classic lunch staple and is great for any sandwich. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional white bread due to its  higher fiber and low sugar content. A  sandwich bread with lots of grains provides an earthy flavor and texture. Whole wheat pairs perfectly with tasty fillings like bacon, ham, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, jack cheese and hard boiled eggs that can be found on our “COACH MAC’S FAVORITE” and “CALEB’S CLUBHOUSE” sandwiches.


Sourdough is baked with lactobacilli. This bacteria produces the lactic acid that causes this bread to have a slightly sour taste, thus the reason for its  name. The soft porous interior is surrounded by a hard crust which gives you that inimitable mouth feel that sourdough is known for. Sourdough is a simple bread that provides lots of flavor and serves as a great complement to any sandwich. Our “TRIPLE CROWN” and “THE ORIGINAL TBR” sandwiches wouldn’t be the same without this bread balancing flavors like turkey, bacon, avocado, Jack cheese, and ranch dressing.


Croissants are Austrian crescent shaped rolls that are typically considered a breakfast pastry. But here at Kate’s Kitchen, we have never been ones to follow the rules, which is why we have created our “CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH” by pairing a fresh croissant with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and chicken salad. Croissants have a light, flaky texture that’s created by layering yeast-leavened dough and butter. Bakers use a technique called “laminating” to roll and fold the layers into a sheet which they cut and form into the signature crescent. This rich and buttery pastry can’t be beat!

There are many differences between sandwich breads, which makes choosing the right one especially difficult. Learning these differences is the key to finding your sandwich bread soulmate. Now that you know what yours is, come into Kate’s Kitchen and fall in love with one of our delicious sandwiches made fresh to order, just the way you like it. Let us know in the comments below what your favorite sandwich bread is!

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