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Our Favorite Winter Breakfasts


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And you know something? Whoever “they” are, we agree with them.

A hearty hot breakfast is a perfect way to start your day off right. During the colder months, a delicious and satisfying hot breakfast can keep you feeling warm and cozy inside as you do your holiday shopping, take the kiddos sledding and more.

At Kate’s Kitchen and Ronnie’s Restaurant, we’ve spent years cooking and serving up warm plates of delicious breakfast faves.

When the mornings are cold and dark, what could be more satisfying than hunkering down with one of your winter favorites! Here are some of our go to breakfast foods for when the weather turns chilly.

1. Biscuits and Gravy 


A southern classic with some Midwest style! When you combine succulent pork sausage with fluffy biscuits and top it all with a generous serving of creamy, subtly spiced white gravy, you have the perfect winter breakfast recipe, in our opinion. One of our most enduringly popular breakfast treats – biscuits and gravy is clearly at the top of our list for good reason.

2. French toast 


So tasty, so versatile and, so satisfying – you can’t be upset about the cold when eating french toast. Delicious fluffy, squishy, eggy, sweet French toast can be combined with sweet and savory flavors to create the perfect breakfast to suit your mood. Whether you choose to enjoy French toast with sausage and syrup or loaded with fresh fruit, it’s an enormously satisfying way to start a cold Saturday!

3. Breakfast Casserole


A hearty breakfast casserole is the ultimate comfort food when the days get dark and cold. While we know that many a casserole is served at the dinner table in the wintertime, you really haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the delights of a breakfast casserole.

Loaded with eggs, cheese, sausage, and veggies it’s a protein-packed and extremely delicious way to bring sunshine and happiness to even the coldest, snowy day.

4. Fried Eggs and Toast 


There are some dishes that become enduring classics based on their simplicity alone. If you’re looking for a satisfying breakfast, sometimes you have to get back to basics.

Slices of fluffy golden toast, loaded with rich creamy butter and topped with sizzling fried eggs sunny side up – or over easy. Perfect for dipping and enjoying with a piping hot cup of coffee!

5. Cinnamon Rolls 


Who says that sweet treats should have to wait until after dinner? Not us, that’s for sure! For those with a sweet tooth, a delicious, freshly baked cinnamon roll is the perfect winter warmer. And, of course, no cinnamon roll is complete without tons of delicious frosting. Go on… treat yourself – just don’t eat one every single day for breakfast.

6. Hashbrowns

Crisp and golden on the outside, hot white and fluffy on the inside… is there anything better than sinking your teeth into some yummy hash browns? These crunchy bundles of perfection go with absolutely everything, making them the ultimate accompaniment to any breakfast meal.

Feeling hungry? Make Kate’s Kitchen or Ronnie’s Restaurant your choice for a delicious breakfast cooked with care and love. You know where to find us!

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