4th of July BBQ Ideas You Need to Try

The boom of the fireworks. The laughter of kids as they play with their friends. Is there anything better? Well, all of that accompanied by some great food, of course. Last year, Americans spent $6.9 billion on food for Independence Day celebrations! Whether you're heading to a block party to celebrate with the whole neighborhood or just plan on grilling and chilling with your family, make sure you give our 4th of July BBQ ideas a shot this year.

Awesome 4th of July BBQ Ideas

Grilled Watermelon

A cold slice of watermelon is the perfect complement to a hot summer day.

But did you know that you can grill it to make it taste even better?

It may sound strange, but trust us on this one. Grilling watermelon maintains the gourd's nutritional properties while adding a mouth-watering smoky flavor.

For a little extra oomph, sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on each slice.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

It isn't always easy to get kids to eat their vegetables. Especially when it comes to Brussel sprouts.

But this idea will have them coming back for seconds and makes for the perfect side dish.

First, pan fry some bacon. You'll need about five or six slices of bacon per pound of Brussel sprouts. Though, if you ask us, you can never have too much bacon, so use your own discretion.

Leave the grease in the pan and remove the bacon.

Next, wash and rinse your Brussel sprouts. Slice them in half, then gently place them into the same pan you used to fry the bacon.

Let them roast until you see a nice char. Remove the sprouts and drizzle some salt, pepper, and a bit of vinaigrette.

Nashville Hot Grilled Chicken

Nashville hot chicken is one of the hottest (no pun intended) trends in cooking today. It seems as though everyone has their own take on this trendy dish.

But fried chicken, while comforting and a great occasional indulgence, can be calorie dense and high in sodium. And while grilled chicken is a BBQ food staple, it can be a little boring.

This year, consider spicing things up a bit. Follow this quick, easy recipe for chicken that sizzles like a sparkler.

Banana Split Popsicles

End your meal with a delicious and (relatively) nutritious sweet treat that is sure to please your kids, or those who are still kids at heart.

First, blend four or five bananas. You can add more or less depending on how many people you're planning to serve.

Pour the mixture into a spread of disposable plastic cups, then place them in the freezer for a few hours.

Once you're almost ready to take the bananas out, melt half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Now remove the banana cups from the freezer, and gently pry the frozen pop out with either a knife or a rubber utensil. Now dip the banana pops into the cooled chocolate and top with whipped cream, cherries, or whatever else you like.

Make Your 4th of July One to Remember with These BBQ Ideas

Running out of BBQ ideas? These recipes should provide you with more than enough inspiration to make this year's festivities great!

Of course, if you'd rather not cook, you can always order out in advance.

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