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How to (Finally) Become a Morning Person in 5 Easy Steps (Backed Up By Science)

How to Become a Morning Person

Do you find it hard to wake up each morning, even if it’s a weekend, and you should be out soaking in the sun? You are most likely a night owl. Don’t be so hard on yourself because you can’t escape genetics. If you want a simple explanation, your Circadian rhythm is delayed than most people so you get sleepy late and wake up late. Fortunately for you, there are ways to cope with your genetic makeup and train yourself to become a morning person. Read on and discover how you can (finally) become the morning person you’ve always wanted to be.

Change Your Nighttime Habits

Night owls have their own habits revolve around their body clocks. They go out with friends late in the evening, their favorite shows are after prime time, or they browse online after dinner.

But, if you really want to be a morning person, you’re going to have to accept that something is going to have to change; namely, your nighttime habits.

Make a commitment to going to be earlier and actually prepare to go to sleep with a routine that helps you wind down. Draw the curtains. Stretch. Read a book under the covers. And when the clock hits 10 pm or 10:30 (whatever your goal for getting to sleep may be), turn out the lights. Train your body clock to recognize when it’s time to sleep.

Set Your Alarm Clock 2 Hours Earlier Than Usual

If you usually wake up around 6:00 am in time to go to work at 8:00 a.m., then set your alarm clock two hours earlier. Even if it’s a struggle at first, over time your body will adjust. Pretty soon, you won’t ever need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning.

Get Out of Bed Immediately

Ideally, 15 minutes after waking up, you should already be out of your house jogging. There’s a science behind this, of course. When your retina is exposed to sunlight, your body immediately stops producing melatonin. What’s that, you ask? It’s just the hormone that makes you feel sleepy. So get out in the sunshine as soon as possible.

Go Dark

Now that you know bright lights can trick your brain into stop producing melatonin, you now have the guide to do exactly the opposite. Get the TV out of the room. Turn off the PC and your cell phone. Invest in blinders or eye masks to help you sleep. Get some scented candles or soothing music if they help you relax. Whatever your method, surround yourself in complete darkness to enable you to fall asleep faster.

Drop Caffeine and Sugar From Your Diet

You don’t have to go cold turkey. You can at least limit your coffee intake in the mornings. Or don’t have caffeine, sugar or alcohol in your system after around 2 p.m. or so. Another thing you can do is try out yoga. Stress might be making you lose sleep and being able to center yourself and de-stress will prep your body for sleep, and give you a more well-rested attitude the next day!

Another big benefit of becoming an early bird? Hitting up Kate’s Kitchen or Ronnie’s Restaurant on the way to work for a wholesome breakfast! You’ll get the power you need to fuel up your day!

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