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Sausage & Bacon: The Unsung Heroes of Breakfast Food

Kansas City Breakfast - Sausage & Bacon

Kansas City Breakfast - Sausage & Bacon

Sausage and bacon are staples in the classic breakfast menu. Not only are they temptingly delicious, but they are also heavenly breakfast items that will keep you going all day. Plus, along with eggs, both sausage and bacon are good sources of protein!

It’s the fact that they are classified as great protein-rich foods recommended by food experts and nutritionists that makes them the unsung heroes of the American breakfast. When consumed in moderation, they can have nutritional benefits that you simply don’t want to miss out on. Read on and discover why sausage and bacon are essential items of a healthy breakfast.

How Important Protein Is to Your Breakfast

Protein is a muscle-building macromolecule, which is important if you are trying to add a few inches on your bulk. Adding sausage and bacon to your dietary meal will ensure that your body receives the right amount of protein so you can achieve your ideal muscle tone.

Aside from being a high source of protein, sausage and bacon have a strong concentration of Vitamin B-12 that allows the body to produce healthy red blood cells. Hemoglobin is an important blood component needed to transport oxygen-carrying blood to your vital organs. Vitamin B-12 also helps your body create the needed hemoglobin so your body can metabolize unwanted fats and excess proteins.

Other Nutrients Derived From Sausage and Bacon

Sausage and bacon are also good sources of iron which is an essential mineral needed to support the production of hemoglobin. This complex protein is the reason why incorporating sausage and bacon to your diet can help sustain the production of a good hemoglobin count. Consuming these meats can help you reach your daily recommended iron intake so you achieve maximum health.

Believe it or not, but bacon can help your body burn fat. Researchers from Kyoto University found that bacon is rich in coenzyme Q1, a vitamin-like substance beneficial for metabolism. When combined with light exercises, such as brisk walking, researchers have found that they double the amount of burned body fat.

Bacon is also partly filled with monounsaturated fats which reduce your chances of having blood pressure ailments and reduce the possibilities of acquiring cardiovascular diseases.

Phosphorus is another important element that sausage and bacon are rich with. Phosphorus is needed by the body to form healthy bones and teeth. Phosphorus is a good mineral that supports the production of needed protein to maintain and repair cell division and tissue production. Having your kids consume a moderate amount of sausage and bacon will ensure they have the right amount of phosphorus in their bodies so they create strong and healthy bones.

The Best Time to Consume Sausage and Bacon

Fried breakfasts including sausage and bacon are found to be a good way to start your day as they rev up your metabolism. Consuming the right amount of fried meat such as sausage and bacon will ensure that you easily burn other meals the rest of the day.

The University of Maryland Medical Center even concluded during a research that consuming the right amount of meat including sausage and bacon gives your body the recommended amount of Niacin RDA which is vital in maintaining a healthy looking skin, hair, and eyes.

Eaten in moderate amounts, sausage and bacon are part of a healthy and happy lifestyle! Not to mention they are straight up delicious. Fill up to have a great start to your day!

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