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How to Support Local Businesses in Kansas City


You have heard A LOT about supporting local businesses and it is something we are extremely passionate about at Kate’s Kitchen and Ronnie’s

The list of benefits that comes from supporting local business is long but some of the main ones include:

  • Putting money into the local economy
  • Supporting your neighbors
  • Getting high-quality service and products
  • Helping support awesome and unique businesses in your area

Now, that all sounds great but how can you support local businesses? You only have to do so much shopping and what if the shop or restaurant isn’t open at a time that works for you? Below are just a few ways you can support local businesses in KC without going too far out of your way!

Buy Gift Cards

Many local restaurants and shops offer gift cards which make easy, awesome presents for friends and family that live in the area. Buy some gift cards from your favorite local spots and keep them on hand for when birthdays, baby showers, or the holidays come up!

You can, of course, use the gift cards yourself but it is more fun to share them with others in your life!

Shop Online

Many local businesses have online stores where you can buy merchandise. Whether you are holiday shopping or just need to buy some soap, online shopping is a fantastic way to support local businesses. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave your couch!

Tell Your Friends

Social media is a huge part of our lives and you have likely seen your friends and family ask for recommendations for anything from good brunch spots to car repair shops. When you have a local business you love that suits their needs, go ahead and tell them about it!

On the flip side, if you get fantastic service somewhere, leave a review, post a status, or just verbally tell your friend during your weekly phone call.

Order Takeout

As nice as it would be, we don’t always have the time to go in and sit down for a meal at a restaurant but many often forget that they can still order takeout from their favorite local spots!

Check the Labels

In grocery stores and some boutiques, you will find products that are made right here in Kansas City. Many of these products are sold on websites but you are still supporting local businesses by buying things like Boulevard Beer and Roasterie Coffee in bigger stores.

Most people are totally aware of BLVD Brewery and the Roasterie, but you will also find KC-made products in places like the salsa and bread sections of the store so, if you are serious about buying local, check the label and see where the item was produced!

Supporting Kansas City businesses is something that is deeply important to us and our family. We always try to support local businesses as often as possible and hope this blog post has given you a few ideas about how you can do the same.

Call us today to discuss to-go orders and gift cards! Call Kate’s in Gladstone at (816) 436-7200 or Ronnie’s in Lenexa at (913) 831-860. Click here to view our menu.

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