14 Ways to Cook Eggs

Eggs are perhaps the most versatile foods known to man. They can be used in seemingly endless ways with incredibly delicious (and admittedly strange) results. We, of course, love them at the most important meal of the day: breakfast. So if you’re confused by the difference between over easy and sunny side up eggs, or if you’re looking to break out of the scrambled egg rut that has a hold over your breakfast, look no further—we’ve broken down 14 classic ways to cook eggs.

1. Over Easy

eggs-in-pan “Over easy” eggs are cooked lightly on one side (cooked enough to be flipped) and turned over briefly, cooking them until the whites are only slightly less than gelatinous and the yolk is still runny.

2. Over Medium

“Over medium” eggs are cooked on both sides so that the white is solid but the yolk is still soft and runny. If you can’t commit to the overall runniness of “over easy” eggs or the firmness of “over hard”, give “over medium” a try!

3. Over Hard

With “over hard” eggs you break the yolk before flipping it over to the other side, thoroughly cooking both sides through until the yolk and whites are completely solid. Perfect for a fried egg sandwich with melted cheese!

4. Sunny Side Up

One does not flip “sunny side up” eggs. No sir. Rather, like the name denotes, you cook the egg lightly on one side until the egg white is set and the yolk, while intact, remains runny. Want a “sunny” start to your morning? Look no further than these delightful breakfast classics.

5. Poached


Poached egg on toast

A poached egg is cooked in boiling liquid until the white has solidified around a still soft yolk. We consider the 'perfect' poached egg to possess a runny yolk with a no raw white remaining. Delicious on a piece of toast or in Eggs Benedict or Eggs Florentine!

6. Eggs Benedict

If you’re looking to get all fancy at breakfast time, Eggs Benedict is right up your alley. Poached eggs with ham or Canadian bacon on top of a toasted, buttered English muffin and slathered with hollandaise sauce—you’ll feast like a king.

7. Eggs Florentine

Eggs Florentine is a less meatier version of Eggs Benedict by substituting the ham for spinach. Or you can have your cake and eat it, too, by simply adding the spinach beneath the ham. Both are totally acceptable (we would never judge anyway).

8. Shirred Eggs


Shirred baked eggs

Also known as baked eggs, shirred eggs are baked in a flat-bottomed dish with butter until the whites have set and the yolks have hardened. They are usually served in the dish in which they were baked, which makes them equally fun to eat.

9. Scrambled

Ever the classic, scrambled eggs are probably the easiest eggs to cook but the hardest to master, depending on your preference. Essentially, scrambled eggs are beaten egg whites and yolks that you stir over low heat until little “curds” begin to form. Some people prefer runnier scrambled eggs (soft) or completely dry (hard). Whatever your preference, keep the heat low—they cook fast and require attention!

10. Omelette

Eternally customizable, it’s hard not to love an omelette with your choice of fillings. The best way to cook an omelette is to beat the eggs but to not stir them while they cook. Add your choice of fillings, fold it over, and flip as desired.

11. Frittata

A frittata is a fancy word for an open-faced omelette. Not that we mind, because frittatas, with your choice of mix-ins, are delectable.

12. Egg in a Basket

An egg fried within a hole in a slice of bread. Other fun names include “toad in the hole”, “hole in one“, or “spit in the ocean”.

13. Soft/Hard Boiled

One can boil an egg in its shell long enough so that it is completely solid (hard boiled) or just long enough for only the egg white to solidify (soft boiled). While some pride themselves on their ability to deftly peel a hard boiled egg without damaging the egg white, it is equally delightful to crack through a soft boiled egg shell and scoop out the runny egg yolk waiting inside.

14. Huevos Rancheros

A diner favorite, huevos rancheros are either poached in salsa or fried, whereupon they are served on top of corn tortillas and frijoles (beans). Toppings may include avocado slices, melted cheese, sour cream, cilantro, etc.

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